7 Sustainable Fashion Brands You’ll Fall in Love With

Let’s dive into the sustainable fashion brands that are creating a better tomorrow for us and the planet as a whole. To me, a sustainable fashion brand means that the brand is creating fashion using a circular system method, and either all natural, organically produced vegan textiles that are biodegradable, OR recycled and/or upcycled materials. Keep in mind not all of these brands are 100% vegan. However, many are filled with vegan options I will cover on a later post.

Although Strawbana is shooting for 100% vegan, zero-waste, circular fashion, these are new and growing concepts that are slowly but surely evolving more and more. With more and more resources and knowledge, this site will grow into a fully circular fashion blog / e-commerce site with only all vegan, fully regenerative textiles and fashion brands. 🙂 Hang in there with me as we enbark in this journey together, and of course feel free to offer any feedback, constructive critism, etc. as I am constantly aiming to get better in sharing these solutions. xx

Eileen Fisher

Want to feel good about buying new, sustainable fashion? Eileen Fisher is the perfect company for you.

For the last 30 years now, Eileen Fisher has united in their efforts to support the environment, human rights and initiatives for women and girls. They have pledged in 2017 to expand their activism and outreach, to lend their voices, and to help empower and protect.

Their core brand promises include the following:

  • They are committed to empowering women as the future depends on it
  • Doubling down on their efforts to support human rights and the fair treatment of all people around the world
  • Protecting limited natural resources, fight climate change and help shift the fashion industry toward sustainability
  • Respect and honor differences in gender, age, race, ethnicity, sexual orientation and political views
  • Now more than ever – time to reach out, speak up and stand together

Not only all this amazing, empowering stuff, but they use organic fibers, sustainable fibers, natural dyes, and operate in a fair trade system. All incredibly sustainable methods. Go Fisher!

Bead & Reel

Bead & Reel is an online thoughtful blog & boutique that believes in consumers voting with their wallets and shopping for what they believe in. Yes!!!! They believe in fair trade, artisan made, gender neutral, giving back, organic, vegan, plant-based, recycled, upcycled, and zero-waste. What’s not to love?!

Shapes in the Sand

Shape in the Sand’s purpose is to share the importance of the natural world through their homage to nature by “Sustainably Shaping Swimwear”. They are an Australian swimwear lifestyle brand as well as an eco conscious swimwear label the was created out of their life long infatuation with nature and their giant heart which yearns to help restore the environment.

They are influenced off of the diverse environment structures which inspire their designs, and hope to inspire their customers of how beautiful the natural world can be, in an effort to help inspire the need to protect it and its lovely oceans that are in danger today.


Patagonia is an outdoor, durable clothing brand that has a mission to build the best product, cause no unnecessary harm, while using the structure of business to inspire and implement solutions to the environmental crisis.

The quality of their products depend largely they can reduce their impact on the environment, according to their Environmental & Social Responsibility posts. To them, this means auditing the materials and methods they use to make their products as well as taking responsibility for the entire lifecycle of their products and examine how they use their resources at their buildings and facilities.

With their “Worn Wear: Better Than New” new “recommerce” platform, they integrate the making fashion circular approach by allowing their customers to return and purchase used Patagonia products while sharing pictures and telling stories of how they have used the product, giving it a personal, relatable feel that ties in an emotional appeal to the products. Amazing. And. Genius.

Sand Cloud

Sand Cloud’s mission is to save Marine Life. 10% of their profits are donated to non-profits that support this.

One thing I’d point out is while they are an avid supporter of keeping oceans clean and saving the marine life, there products are not made with organic materials or natural materials. And they in no way are incorporating to making fashion circular, which would overall have the best effect on the planet and th environment as a whole (in our eyes – of course there is not one solution fits all).

Hood Lamb

Hood Lamb is cruelty-free company and the first to make a winter jacket out of hemp instead of animal fur. They have since created a fashion revolution in outerwear using hemp, the earth’s strongest natural fiber. Their clothing is rooted in conscious design and crafted from the highest quality organic and recycled materials, proving that there’s a better way to make clothing. A cruelty-free way.

Aqua Vida

Aqua Vida provides earth friendly products that reduce waste. Their responsible athletic apparel / products are durable, multi-use and made from eco-friendly fabrics and materials. They make it a mission of theirs to create sustainable change from the inside out so they can extend that respect to the world we live in.

They use a special eco-friendly fabric called Amni Soul Eco that is fully biodegradable and decomposes in less than 3 years with 50% of the breakdown of textile happening in the first year. Check out more here. 🙂

Happy shopping!

There are many other sustainable fashion brands that are putting an awesome amount of effort into their ethical and environmental practices, but these are just a handful of my favorite. Down the line I will be separating these through style and clothing type such as swimwear, active wear, leisure, etc. And with my own growing knowledge on the most sustainable fashion, I will be continuously cycling in and out the best brands and companies that support vegan, sustainable fashion on the largest scale. But for now, enjoy this helpful list with much diversity of different types of clothing. 🙂 Enjoy!

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