7 Zero Waste Fashion Designers – who is doing it and what it means

Let’s go into the topic of zero-waste fashion.

Zero-waste fashion is in essence fashion that creates little to no waste at all, meaning nothing ends up in the landfill and is continuously redistributed and/or replenished to the Earth, then being able to create more resources that also can be regenerative and restored continuously.

This type of system thrives off of the circular economy structure, rather than the linear one that we’re used and have grown up with. So, instead of creating a ginormous amount of waste, a zero-waste fashion structure – also known as making fashion circular – eliminates textile waste, stopping it before at the source before the consumers are able to worry / think about it.

What if… you could help save the world with fashion?

Everyone loves the idea of saving the world. Changing the world. I truly believe there’s a little superhero in all of us that wants to do some sort of good for humanity, animals and the planet to help make everything a little better. To change the world for the better. Well, in the fashion industry, and eventually all industries, I believe that entails shifting to a circular economy where there is no such thing as waste in the supply chain structure of creating goods and services for humanity to enjoy. Let’s dive into who’s implementing it and how.

1. Daniel Silverstein

Daniel Silverstein, Mastermind behind the brand Zero Waste Daniel, has created a brand that uses unwanted fabrics from other larger clothing labels. All these bits of cut out fabric he then shapes together to make unique, patchy designs without the need for making any new material.

2. Karen Glass

Glass, and American based designer, uses upcycled clothing and fabric scraps to form the basis of the innovative zero-waste fashion collections. She has a unique aesthetic that took years to develop. To create her collections, she’s always hunted for new textiles.

3. Farrah Floyd

Farrah Floyd is a Berlin-based, Euro-chic fashion label led by designer Bojana Draca. It uses Certified sustainable fabrics mainly produced by ethical companies in Italy and Turkey. Draca uses a zero-waste pattern drafting that has been developed and devised over many years by the designer herself. It has been applied to all of her collections.

4. Dr. Mark Liu

Dr. Mark Liu, who gained a PhD research at the University of Technology Sydney by applying modern mathematics to traditional fashion pattern making, developed a technique he calls ‘Non-Euclidean Fashion Pattern Making’. This is a unique jigsaw manufacturing procedure that has made him a recognized pioneer in the sustainable fashion movement.

5. Charlotte Bialas

This Paris-based zero waste designer uses vintage textiles while applying a zero-waste geometrical cutting scheme which reduces the fabric waste. Any scraps she does not use to create clothing are then woven into accessories such as bags and necklaces.

6. Qi Wang

Qi Wang, both a designer and photographer, graduated from Parsons and based her brand in NY. she found her inspiration by a diversified approach to the arts and humanistic disciplines and holds zero waste dear to her heart. All the materials she used in her thesis project are spared from the landfill and given a new purpose through subtle zero waste design principles.


This is just a brief, preview of zero-waste designers I will expand on in more detail in the near future, but for now, please enjoy their creations you can find more of on each of their pages.

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