Sustainable Living – Why it’s the New Sexy

Sustainability is a new and growing concept that is often very overwhelming to hear about. Sustainability is simply defined as “the ability to be maintained at a certain rate or level”, regarding the planet and our species, another definition under this is “Avoidance of the depletion of natural resources in order to maintain an ecological balance.”

Why is it important to be familiar with sustainable living? Well, if we want to continue to evolve as a species in a harmonious balance with all other species on the planet, not killing off beautiful animals, contributing to climate change or depleting natural resources and contributing to deforestation that is all sadly happening at a rapid pace – Sustainable living is the answer. It simply means to live like we are all here to stay, with each other. Loving each other. In harmony. Sound too good to be true? Well, it only is if you think so. Less fear-based thinking and more love-based, and we can change the planet for the better.

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What is Sustainable Living?

So what exactly IS sustainable living? Every day, we are making decisions to live either closer to or farther away from a sustainable life. It really all starts with knowing what’s sustainable and what isn’t. For example, fossil fuels are not sustainable, while using renewable energy sources like solar panels are. Buying from unethical, unsustainable companies would not be sustainable living, while buying from sustainable companies who are putting an effort into selling clean, non-toxic products using renewable resources would be living sustainable. OR just buying less in general. Using less single-use plastics, all that good stuff.

Why live Sustainably

Why not live sustainably should be the question here. Sustainability is the future and it is just getting started. With the way that a majority of industries operate with a linear economy and with the consumerism atmosphere we were raised in and taught to participate in as a society, there is no way continuing these ways will benefit the human race as well as the rest of our lovely earthlings in thriving on the beautiful blue Earth of ours. (or is it even ours?)

How to Dominate the Game of Sustainable Living

So how the heck do I do it, you ask? Have no fear, Strawbana is here to assist you. A huge way we contribute to the economy we live in is with our purchasing habits. Change these for the better, and change the world for the better. Everything is connected. Be mindful of what you purchase and where it comes from. Be mindful of what you are throwing away. Where even is away?! Here are some helpful tips to dominating the sustainability game. The key takeaway from this is to not get overwhelmed and try to tackle all these at once or change your ways of living overnight. Baby steps! Do what is attainable first and gradually work to incorporating more and more. The planet will thank you. 😉 <3

23 Tips & Tricks for a Sexier, Sustainable Lifestyle

  1. Use less (preferably no) plastic
    1. Plastic pollution is a huge problem, especially in the ocean. It is also very toxic to not only us but animals who are consuming it, mistaking it for food. We live in a day and age where single use plastics are all around us, making it convenient to use once and then toss. This is an incredibly unsustainable process that adds piles and piles of plastic trash in landfills while tons of it is polluting the ocean. Everything comes in plastic now so this is very hard to avoid, but start bringing your own container, cutlery and reusable water bottles places so you won’t have to purchase single-use plastics.
  2. Think twice before shopping
    1. What are you purchasing? Do you need it? And is it a sustainable product? As of right now, we aren’t aware of the majority of the things we are buying and if it’s a sustainable product or not. Is it recyclable? Is it post consumer? Is it good quality? Does it support sustainable, ethical practices? If not, maybe rethink what you are purchasing. Why are you buying it in the first place?
  3. Be water conscious
    1. Use water consciously. Take shorter showers. Run the dishwasher only when it is full. Clean your clothes with cold water.
  4. Pay attention to labels
    1. Try to buy things that are fair trade, recyclable, compostable, organic (vegan too). All of these will have a better impact on our ecosystem as a whole, as well as promote more ethical processes and add less toxicity to our atmosphere.
  5. Drive less, Drive green (electric, carpool, public transportation)
    1. Look into purchasing a hybrid or electric car, if able. Walk to your destination if it’s under a couple miles. Bike places! Use the public transit!
  6. Eat more plants! 🙂 Less meat.
    1. Eat a whole foods plant-based diet.
  7. Educate yourself about the companies you support. Are they sustainable?
    1. Look into the sustainable practices from the companies you purchase from. Don’t have any? Maybe rethink purchasing from them.
  8. Turn off your lights when you leave the room!
    1. This is so easy and such a simple step to saving energy. 🙂 Also unplug electronics like chargers and hairdryers to stop the electric flow that is continuously moving when plugged in.
  9. Shorter showers
    1. Try taking no more than 5 minute showers. Save time and water!
  10. Compost & Recycle!
  11. Try investing in a water saving shower head
  12. Take the stairs, ditch the elevator! (great booty workout)
  13. Ditch plastic bags, bring your own!
  14. Support local farmers markets
  15. Buy organic
  16. Ditch fast fashion
  17. Support brands that are ethical and environmentally conscious.
  18. Repurpose glass jars
  19. Give people experience instead of things
  20. Plant a tree
  21. Spend more time outside
  22. Adopt!
  23. Say no to plastic straws, use washable metal straws.

A Sustainably Sexier You

With little tips like these that we can all implement, and many more, we can slowly but surely take steps to living in a better, cleaner world. Remember that everything is connected and every action you make has a reaction. Energy never stops flowing. Live sustainably, and with LOVE.





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