Welcome to Strawbana World. We’re here to s(l/t)ay, and to show you how to do the exact same, in the most sustainable, sexiest way ever. Get ready for a revolution, starting with me, you, and the beautiful, wonderful world in which we inhabit.


This is a story all about how humanity thought it was a good idea to create a linear economy for all our wants & needs. Don’t get me wrong, it was a fantastic start to get the industrial revolution going, employing an incredible amount of people and really getting the innovation and emerging businesses flowing. However, in this day and age with a limited number of finite resources and and ongoing population of people and products, we are slowly destroying not only ourselves but our precious lil (big?) planet in the process, with not only the use of this model but the over consumption of it as well (i.e. the ones of us who are able to over-consume it.)

End of story. For now.


With the need of Strawbana and its circular economic structure, we are also in the need of a new way to recreate a majority of the products in which we like to use and think we need. Many things we think we need…. do we really, like, need them? Or were we taught to think we need them? By an outside evil/manipulative force? Maybe larger corporations that like to be in control of the overall dream of society? Even if it’s slowly (or quickly) killing us?

Hmmmm… time for a healthy change if you ask me. Not only healthy though, also very sexy, and sustainable. The change the future needs. So just all around better. It feels good to just continuously grow in a better, sexier, healthier, wealthier, you. Amirite?

I am. And so are you. We are right together, and together we will grow into a better, sexier, healthier, wealthier, team. Here we go, you ready?


Let’s work collectively to live the most sustainably we can, without sacrificing our unique, individual styles. We’re here to stay and so is this abundant, benevolent planet. Let’s get goin kiddos.

Enough of all the gurus telling you to do this, and do that, with little regards to your own personal needs. I’m here to show you what amazing innovations have come about through fashion that have zero harm to animals and the environment – structuring on the circular economy.

New world, new you, new economy, let’s do this ish.




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